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Interview Coaching

your Flightpath to Success

Job Interview
"The Best Answer in the world is wasted if the interviewee does not successfully engage with the assessment team"

Contact us to discuss our effective bespoke coaching.

Drawing on almost 20 years experience in senior management, our interview coaching helps you refine your soft skills in order to ace that interview that means so much to you! 

Airlines in particular expect a level of technical knowledge, but the simple truth is the people conducting the interview are humans just like you and they WANT to give you a job! Coming across as credible and engaging will help you gain those precious extra points and help you cross the line to the next stage of assessment. Ignore soft skills at your peril! We take you through the process from arriving at the venue to leaving the room at the end and we will show you all the pitfalls that can creep in.

We use Zoom conferencing and tailor the package to suit your needs, feedback is given afterwards and you will get plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Our Coaching puts you on the Flightpath to Success!

Economy Class

A quick 15 minute one to one review of any particular questions that you find tricky in an interview.


Biz Class

A 60 Minute Zoom one on one coaching session to refine your skills and look at some of the pitfalls of interviews.


First Class

A 90 Minute Zoom one on one coaching session to refine your soft skills & look at some of the pitfalls of interviews, how to deal with tricky questions & how to engage with the interview panel.



A bespoke process to suit your needs, just get in touch and we will be able to discuss what is best for you.


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