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ICAO runway surface condition reporting and GRF Training

From November 2021 ICAO and the FAA have mandated a new reporting format for Runway Condition Reporting.


We can provide leading expert knowledge and engaging training services to ensure your awareness is raised, from Senior Management to frontline runway assessors. 


It is imperative all service providers are trained, fully briefed and confident in applying ICAO GRF. A robust working knowledge of the component parts of the new system will support a reduction in runway excursions and accidents related to any form of contamination. ICAO recommends a trial season of reporting THIS winter.


Our trainers are leaders in ICAO GRF as we provide not just outstanding technical knowledge, our trainers are also Pilots/Safety Managers who have first hand experience of working with contamination, investigating incidents and infield training expertise. They can draw on CRM, LOSA and TEM experience to enhance the process.


Benefits of GRF training


  • Reduction of incidents & Enhanced runway safety.

  • Reduction of expensive diversions and runway closures.

  • Greater protection from ICAO (once compliant ) for incidents related to contamination.

  • Greater utilisation of runway during weather events.

  • Full compliance with GRF requirements thus enhancing an airports reputation.


Aspect Aviation can tailor its services to meet your Airfields Specific Requirements, harnessing over 40 years of Aviation experience in order to help you be ahead of the game when it comes to GRF.

At Aspect Aviation we can support your ICAO GRF implementation with:


  • 2 Day training courses, either classroom based or via video conferencing.

  • 1 Day intensive workshops.

  • Stakeholder Advisory Workshops.

  • LOSA style audit for runway assessment and reporting already in place.

  • Infield Training and advisory support.

Do Not leave it too late - get ahead of the game and let us bring you and your staff up to date and trained in time for implementation!


Winter 2020

We can facilitate training either via webinar or on-site, and offer great value! 

Courses are tailored to your needs but a typical syllabus elements include:

  • Background behind the regulation.

  • Aircrew perspective on the risks around contaminated surfaces and how Threat and Error procedures are applied.

  • Actual examples of when things have gone wrong.

  • Summary of regulatory frameworks to include the current various formats.

  • What are the limitations when considering any form of runway assessment

  • A thorough examination of contaminants, principles and measuring/sensing systems.

  • Runway Condition Assessment Matrix understanding - codes and riules

  • Reporting methods, SNOWTAMs and GRF.

All airport operations stakeholders including safety team management, safety officers, Air Traffic and Airline Training Heads should all be prepared and trained before implementation in 2021.

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